Monday, November 13, 2006

Japanese Girls are Weird.

While I was writing my last entry, I heard a strangely familiar noise--the kawaii voice. I personaly think it sounds irritating and sort of foolish. I guess it comes from wanting to sound cute like a young child, but it ends up sounding more like an affectation. It is something that seems wrong to me, but then I don't really like the english equivalents much either.
On the other hand, I don't hear too many women on campus talking like that. They generally look very serious and stylish.
That reminds me, yesterday a girl in my dorm from Thailand was commenting that it is impossible to find girl's clothes in pink. This was a rather foreign concept to me coming from the states, where it seems like every store that has a ladies section has atleast a portion dedicated to pink things. And, she said that a sizable minority of the guys clothes were pink. I'd heard pink was becoming a hip color for guys, but to have a store where the girls section has no pink and the guys has much seems odd to me.
I guess this could be pointed to as an example of how fashion moves in Japan compared to the US. I think that in the states certain colors, while not necisarrily popular, will always be present in a store.


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