Sunday, October 08, 2006


One of the things I have noticed about Japan in comparison to America is it seems that restaurants are cheaper. I go out to eat more here than I do in the states so there may or may not be a great correlation. But, I find it amazing that I can have a good sized meal and a beer and still have it cost less than $10. It is almost less expensive to go out every night than to cook for myself.
I guess part of this facination with going out stems from having a meal plan the last three years at my home university. I didn't go out with friends very often because I was too busy and it was so much easier to use the cafeteria.
Going out to eat is also different from the cafeteria in how it affects socializing. I have gone out to eat a few times by myself. When I would eat by myself last year, it didn't seem too weird but I always feel alittle strange going to a restaurant alone. I like going alone from time to time however because if I go with my friends I will inevitably spend most of my time speaking english.
It also changes how my social connections are made and maintained. Going out, you don't interact with as many people.


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