Monday, November 13, 2006

Last Tuesday, Kendo.
I have been going to Kendo for a while now, but the problem I have with the club, that I have had is that there is no Sensei. This means that there is no one to really give instruction and the clubmembers don't really do much instruction.
On Tuesday, I went to kendo and I got more instruction than usual after the club members were done practicing. I was really eager to improve and so I was trying rather hard to do what my senpai was showing me, but she seemed to get sort of frustrated with me. She then called over the exchange student in the club who joined last semester and he told me that she thought I was not listening to her.
It was then that I remembered my manners, at the university I had gotten use to doing multiple things at once; ie recieving instruction while practicing something. This is a bad habit to have in Japan because, as I have noticed, listening is not something that can be done in parallel with something else without it seeming really informal or rude. Listening is also more active here, with lots of hai's sodesuka's, etc--though I suppose I think that way because I am socialized to say things like hmm and yes while someone is talking.
At any rate, I felt really awkward, but at that point I was too tired to really freeze up too much. Since then I have tried to be more careful when someone else is talking.


Blogger rianon said...

how i somethimes would get frustrated with you when you would not respond!!! our cultural communication style!!! i know that you hear me just don't want to respond. or don't have anything to say.

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