Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"people must be prepared to interact with member of other cultures in this increasingly multicultural world."

With relatively inexpensive global travel, more and more often people from different cultures are interacting due to changing labor markets, the increased ability of people to move to places where they can increase their standard of living. More companies are also seeking out opportunities in places where previously very little of the population had interactions with members of other cultures. As a result, educating people about how to interact with people from different cultures is becoming more and more important.
One of the first things I was struck by upon coming to japan was an increased sense that A) there was a correct and proper way to act in a given setting and B) I had no idea what it was. For the past three years I had been living more or less at the university as a student. In that environment, there are many ways to interact in situations and often there is no real 'right' way. So, for me this feeling is somewhat unnerving.
As I have adjusted though, I have come to understand that I have a fair amount of leeway in my actions because I am not expected to know what to do. This has made it easier in those times when I felt very confused. Kendo, because I go nearly every day and because I really have not integrated into the club properly feels this way every time I go. But, it is okay because the clubmembers know I am trying and have some understanding of my troubles.


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